by Perverts

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Recorded in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan in a basement March of 2016
Most of the songs are filler and the lyrics are pretty dumb.



released January 16, 2017

Dylan Nash - Bass / Vocals / Beard
Jason Hamill - Drums / Less Vocals / Facebook stuff

Recorded in a basement by Brodie Mohninger (Labour Love Studios)
Mixed by Mohninger, Mastering by Jamie Sitar (Outta Town Sound)

All songs poorly written and performed by Perverts.



all rights reserved


Perverts Saskatchewan

Music for people with low expectations.

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Track Name: Steven Page Against the Machine
My Cosby was not a Ghomeshi
the real comedy was they weren't found guilty.

Take a sip of this drink, does it taste like quaaludes to you?
Come back to my hotel room, for a one on one interview.

I'm the funny man, the puddin pops are in my hand.
Sexy sweater man, tuck you in when you can barely stand.

I'm the fucking ghost dad.
Fat Albert crawlin' in your bed

I'm the fucking ghost dad
don't ever say my stand up's bad.
Track Name: Ekib ynit
Woke up to two dead girls, who came to claim my morals.
I was too drunk to listen and they were too dead to speak.
Track Name: Serengetti Lee
It's a quarter to five, waiting in line.
Morning death march caffeine suicide.

Bags under their eyes, tired of their lives.

Go ahead and fire me, all I ever do is pour your coffee
for dumb fucks that pay 7.50
a hot creamy fallacy.

Burn, Your, Tongue, Blah.

I don't get paid enough to be here.
So don't tell me to cut my hair.

Can I take your order?
We sell respect in a paper cup.
The line is getting shorter.
The worlds a ladder and you're climbing up.

Take this apron off, I wanna go home.
I hate this place, I hate this hat and fuck your stupid cat.

Yeah I know i spelt your name wrong
I'm gonna put you in a lame song
about the dumb fucks at starbucks I had to deal with everyday.

So keep your tip, cuz I don't need it.
I get my kicks to watch you sip my spit.
Track Name: Eight Below
I don't wanna pull your fucking sled,
so get these ropes up off my neck.
Whatever happened to mans best friend?

I owe your kind no debt
so my coat I will not shed
whatever happened to mans best friend?

Who's a good boy?

It's really cold outside,
please take me for a car ride.

It was all a lie, there was never any car ride.
And this will be how I die under the cold Alaskan sky.

No I don't wanna play fetch
No I don't wanna play dead
don't wanna shake a paw
these days I feel nothing at all.

I won't come when you call
won't help when you fall
won't chase another ball
into my doggy deathbed I will crawl.

I'll chew your fucking bones
mark my territory on your tombstone
your children will never know I hid your body beneath the snow

Eight Below

Track Name: Jean Claude Bran Van Damme 3000
I'll take your useless crown
from your smashed up Mercedes
I'll smoke up all of my income
and give birth to crackhead babies

Oh yeah, now I am the princess
your taxes pay for my excess

Everybody dress up like a nazi
its a hit at all of the parties

Do you know who my parents are?
because I don't have a clue.
Now I am the princess and who the fuck are you?

Rich bloodline Royalty
the throne knows no loyalty
Just fucking pour my tea
and don't ever look at me.

Now I am the princess
who the fuck are you?

You'll have to work extra hard
to pull this body from a burning car
skip your daily meal
to peel the skin off of the windshield.

There's no more fruit on your family tree.

This song got pretty dark
just to mock the modern monarch

Now I am the princess
who the fuck are you?

I will eat the queen, her meat is very lean.